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Mary Louise Parker Bares All


Who here is just as excited as I am for the premier of the new season of Weeds? Well, if you’re not then this racy new photo should be enough to get your motor running a little bit! It features everybody’s favorite housewife-cum-weed-dealer-cum-kingpin’s-wife-cum-killer-on-the-lam tied up in chains as if she is going to do a vanishing act Houdini style! Fans of the show should know that such a thing is Mary Louise Parker’s specialty!

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Mary Louise Parker on Chelsea Lately


Mary Louise Parker did a live interview with Chelsea Lately where she reveals some interesting details. Apparently while filming the show ‘Weeds’ she broke her toe during a sex scene with the creepy Mexican dude. She also told Chelsea how she has no issues being the poster child for ‘Weeds’ and about the marijuana song she did with her new boyfriend Charley Mars.

Chelsea Lately told Mary Louise Parker, “You make the show so funny, very sarcastic and I like that a lot plus you have sex with that Mexican guy that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.”

Mary Louise Parker tells Chelsea Lately, “I’ll be the poster child for anything that pays my rent.”

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Mary Louise Parker; “Happy 420!”


Mary Louise Parker, star of the hit TV show Weeds made a very special commercial this past Friday celebrating 420, a holiday recognized as many as being a day to celebrate weed-smoking culture. In the ad, Mary Louise Parker dances around in a skimpy little black dress while pot leaves fly freely around her. This bad girl isn’t afraid to flaunt the law, at least not a little bit, and that’s one of the many reasons why we love that crazy babe!

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